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The Difference Between Alcohol Wine and Cannabis Wine

Alcohol wine and cannabis wine are a lot alike. But there are some big differences. The biggest: There’s no alcohol in cannabis wine. It has THC, the euphoria-inducing cannabinoid in cannabis. The best: Cannabis wine gives you the reliable high of alcohol. But there’s no hangover. It’s the best of both worlds!

The Dangers of Alcohol

What’s wrong with enjoying some wine? Nothing at all. It’s a pleasant way to spend an evening with friends. Just remember the alcohol in wine is the same alcohol you get in a shot of hard liquor. And it’s way more dangerous to your health than cannabis.

How much more dangerous? Try 114 times more dangerous, according to a study reported in Newsweek:

The report, published in Scientific Reports, found that . . . the mortality risk to individuals posed by cannabis was approximately 114 times less than that of alcohol. In fact, cannabis was the only substance to be classified as ‘low risk’. In contrast, alcohol posed the highest risk to individuals and was ranked alongside nicotine, cocaine and heroin as ‘high risk’.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says this: Alcohol is responsible for about 95,000 deaths a year. It shortened the lives of those who died by an average of 29 years. Excessive drinking was responsible for 1 in 10 deaths among adults 20 64 years old.

Alcohol in Wine

5-ounce glass of wine contains about 12% alcohol. You get 7% alcohol in 8-9 ounces of malt liquor and 40% in a shot of distilled spirits. But wine can be a sneakier drink. Sip and savor a bottle and before you know it the bottle’s empty and someone is taking away your car keys. Cut to the morning after, when your regrets may include a nasty hangover. You might see an ugly number on the scale from all the calories you guzzled.

Could there be an alternative to alcohol? Something that gives you that pleasant glow from wine without the next day hangover? Something without long term health problems? Something that won’t derail your diet?

Cannabis Wine

The perfect alternative is right here: alcohol-free wine. No, not like those boring non-alcoholic beers, which are literally a buzz kill. Cannabis wine gets you high because THC replaces the alcohol.

At Sweet Dreams Vineyards, we call our THC-infused wine a healthy social drink with a punch. It’s healthier than alcohol and faster acting than the slow, unpredictable high you get from edible cannabis. It lets you enjoy a cannabis high with friends who may still prefer a glass of alcohol wine. Trying to lose weight? You’ll love this: A 5-ounce glass of Sweet Dreams Cannabis Cabernet has only 24 calories, compared to a fattening range of 100 for a dry white to 130 for red.

The Search for THC Wine

Truly enjoyable THC infused wine has been a long time coming. Cannabis isn’t water soluble. When it’s added to a liquid it tends to leave small undissolved pieces floating on the surface. Kind of like a bottle of Italian salad dressing before you shake it up. That’s why many users turned to edible cannabis like brownies if they didn’t want to smoke or vape.

But then they had another problem. THC that’s eaten instead of smoked has to go through the digestive system and liver. It takes a while before its effects are felt in the brain –where all the good stuff happens. Smoked THC goes straight to the brain. An edible high can be slow in coming. Users tend to consume more and more as they wait for the high to kick in. It’s easy to overdo it. And it takes longer to come back down.

Cannabis vs. Alcohol

Alcohol does have one superpower. It’s fast and reliable. Your experience will differ from someone else’s but you can be pretty sure it will be the same each time you. A healthy person can begin to feel the effects of alcohol within 15 to 45 minutes of downing the first drink. As soon as it hits your stomach, your bloodstream will send it straight to your brain. This is why it’s a good idea to eat something before a night of drinking. The food will absorb the alcohol and keep it in the stomach for a while. It slows down the booze’s trip to the brain. You can pace yourself. At Sweet Dreams, we developed a cannabis wine that the body absorbs like a serving of alcohol-based wine. Basically, we shrink the size of the THC and make it water-soluble. It doesn’t have to go through your entire digestive system and liver. Instead, it is absorbed directly by your small intestines, just like alcohol. To sum up: Our alcohol free wine gets you high as quickly and reliably as the kind with alcohol, without the hangover or other physical issues. Cheers!

Enjoying the Alternative to Alcohol

Non-alcoholic wine affects each person differently. Go slow until you know how your body will react.

Alcohol-free wine has only lost the alcohol. It’ll still give you a high worth savoring. The THC will give you that same mellow feeling from your favorite full-alcohol Cabernet. This variety of THC isn’t as psychoactive as what you get from smoking or vaping, so you experience more of what’s known as a “body high.” You’ll feel a warm, relaxing sense of physical well-being. You may find relief from anxiety and physical pain. This makes drinkable cannabis a great way to chill out. It’s an ideal nightcap if you’re having trouble sleeping due to pain or stress.

The more you look at the differences between cannabis wine and alcohol wine, the more sense it makes to fill your glass with the blissful alternative to alcohol.

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