“I not only sell your products on a daily basis but I use them as well. The 100mg marijuarita is one of my favorites!! Good nights sleep and it also just taste good! I love the cannabernet also! Keep it up guys!”


“It was such good experience. Starting off with the bottle itself. The big bottle is made of real glass and the smaller one is plastic. The taste was really really good, I would drink it myself with no THC (but where’s the fun in that). The high was a very euphoric where me and my buddy weren’t tired but wide awake and talking and laughing for hours.”


“I picked up a bottle of Marijuarita from HWC-North and I can’t say enough. I love the taste of Margaritas but unfortunately tequila isn’t my friend. This cannabis infused tastiness in a bottle allows me to enjoy the margarita flavor while low-key enjoying the THC. That’s a win-win for me. Can’t wait to get the Cabernet.”


“I absolutely LOVE all SDV products! I’ve tried both and they’re a wonderful option if you’re wanting to get medicated without waiting an hour like most edibles. I’m a cannabis consultant at Marigold and I try to recommend SDV any chance I get when patients are in a rut with their usual edibles. Nothing but wonderful things to say.”


“I honestly thought it was great an recommend it all the time it’s a really good product much appreciated”


“AWESOME!!!!! Loved the flavor and the relaxed feeling, great way to end the night.”


“Bought 1 full sized bottle of each of the dosages. Took the 25mg to a small party where I knew the guests had lower tolerances — everyone loved the taste and was happy with the results! Shared a 50mg bottle with my partner, and we were giddy about how quickly the effects came on. Gave a 100mg bottle to a medical patient at his retirement party — he immediately stowed it away for his private collection, and was extremely pleased for the gift. Great product, long time coming, with a great flavor and price!”


This is my favorite infused drink on the market! I don’t prefer to drink but every now and then a glass of wine sounds nice to wine down but the bloating and everything else that comes with alcohol consumption is never fun. This Cannabernet has been my best friend! It smells like a fine wine, taste so sweet with a hint of tart and no cannabis taste!!! It’s a regularly stocked item in my home


“It’s a wonderful night cap.”


“I love the Cabernet, it’s a must in my home. I love having my drink and NO hangover! I also love the feeling I get from this wine. So relaxing. Cheers!”


“I Love the Marijuarita from Sweet Dreams. I’ve tried and like both of the non-acholic wine, but love the Marijuarita the best. I’m a high doser and would like to see this in 500 – 1000 mg as well, in the small bottles. Only one dispenserary in the east valley of AZ carries Sweet Dreams and I hope other dispenseraries in the east valley start to carry them. Thanks for producting a great product.”


“I tried the Cannabernet. Normally I don’t like “red” wine…smells funny. I was happy & surprised that this Cannabernet didn’t have a bad smell. I suffer from migraines so I thought maybe this Cannabernet would help. I was pleasantly surprised that it did lessen the intensity of it. And it is very tasty. I’m planning on trying the margarita soon. I really like this product. I have told EVERYONE I know about it. I just wish I could get it in Tucson but we’ll worth the dive to Phoenix to get it. Thanks. Keep up the good work.”


“The Cannabernet was a new product I saw upon entering Herbal Wellness Center. I had no idea there was such a thing as a cannabis wine! I was intrigued and had to try this alcohol-free cannabis product. My usage is medicinally-based, for pain, but I also benefit from other side effects such as the lessening of anxiety and the help it provides me with sleeping. The price was right, so I picked up a small bottle to try. I took the product home and sipped my first glass. It’s a very full-flavored drink, with the richness of wine without the burn of alcohol. My small bottle went down quickly and my pain relaxed enough to allow for sleep a few hours later. I keep this stocked in my house now all the time. It’s my go-to at night because it’s a experience, not just some new type of edible.”


I was not expecting such a refreshing, delicious 🤤 mouthwatering favor!! By far the BEST drink I have tried. I can’t wait to try the other flavors.


As a sober person since 12/1/2018 I was initially apprehensive to try this amazing product. I’m so glad I tried it. This is the most awesome adult beverage ever. It’s not overly sweet and the fruits that are used in the Cannabernet are a perfect blend on the palate. I’m to the medication, they made this bio available to the point where it was super effective even with my system and that says a lot. Definitely a 10/10 from me.


“I have always had trouble sleeping so i started drinking about 10ml of either Sweet Dreams Cannabernet or Sweet Dreams Marijuarita every night about an hour before bedtime. I have had a rheumatoid arthritis for 52 years & have an infusion of remicade every 8 weeks to control it. Due to a false positive Valley Fever blood test I had to wait an extra 2 weeks before getting my remicade. Always before when I was late getting treatment my arthritis really flared up. But this time I had no flare-up at all. the only thing I did different was drinking the Sweet Dreams at night. Although I have no proof that Sweet Dreams has helped my arthritis I do know that my arthritis has not flared up since I started drinking Sweet Dreams”


I loved the taste maryjuarita even more than I love the name! I tried the 50 and 100 mg bottles and both were spectacular! I’ve recommended it to my patients for any and every special occasions! I can’t wait for the water you have in the works and what’s next to come!!!!


“I really enjoyed the fruity flavor of the Cannabernet and appreciated that I could not taste any hint of bitterness from the THC. It reduced my anxiety and improved my sleep without a hangover the next morning.”


“The Marijuarita and Cannabernet are amazing. I love that they are low cal and I cannot taste the THC and nothing beats waking without a hangover!”


“Definitely a must have on all dispensaries shelves!”


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