“Hangover-Free Wine”: Real, or Too Good to Be True?

“Hangover-Free Wine”: Real, or Too Good to Be True?

With marijuana sales projected to reach $22 billion by 2022, the evolution of cannabis products is a wonderful inevitably. As states across the US begin to fully legalize marijuana usage, manufacturers are taking the opportunity to create fresh and exciting products that bring a new standard to our favorite plant-based remedy.

Introducing Weed Wine!

A major recent innovation comes in the form of      Weed Wine : a drinkable product that touts a delicious punch and additional health benefitswithout negatives like those pesky hangovers we all know too well.

If you’d like to enjoy a few drinks without the—

        Morning-after shooting headaches,


        Or any of the other “perks” that come with hangovers.. 

Then zero-alcohol weed wine maybe your next favorite consumable

But what is it, exactly?

 Many know about vaporizers, concentrates, and edibles—but how is weed wine different, and why is it growing so rapidly? Its advantages are numerous and significant, from elimination of harmful cannabis habits to the curtailing of traditional excess drinking. In many ways, weed wine is the future.

“Hangover-Free Wine”: Real, or Too Good to Be True?

So, What Is Weed Wine?

To many, weed wine is the next generation of cannabis. Proponents of the beverage tout a strong and satisfying high, without the negatives generally associated with smoking traditional cannabis or alcohol.

 One product, Cannabernet, points out that their weed wine is not only non-alcoholic, but half the calories of an alcohol based-wine. High still included!

 All the goodness with none of the guilt – now that’s a game changer.

 According to them, users can expect ‘a strong feeling of relaxation, accompanied by stress and anxiety relief.’ Their secret lies in the fact that the THC content in each bottle replaces the alcoholic ingredients, making your weed, quite literally, your new favorite Cabernet.

Alcohol vs. Weed Wine

Negatives of Traditional Alcohol vs. Weed Wine

One of the main reasons Weed Wine was formulated was to allow consumers the ability to continue enjoying their favorite after-dinner treat without the traditional negative effects of alcoholic wine.

 Horrifying fact: traditional alcohol is responsible for 95,000 deaths per year.

 Lovers of wine can attest that it’s easy to glide through a bottle (or three), and that ‘ease-of-use’ that can cause calamity is ultimately what makers of weed wine hope to help consumers with. Keep the high, lose the ethanol.

 Of course, it doesn’t hurt that products like Cannabernet save you the gut-wrenching hangover and hellish morning-after that traditional bottles of wine give you. If you ask us, or your boss, that’s more than enough!

 Weed wine’s greatest feat, though, may be in the very internal route the drug takes.

 Traditional alcohol passes through your entire digestive system and liver. That’s why beer and wine are so closely associated with liver damage; that stuff is going to hit the organ every time.

 The more alcohol one ingests:

       The more fatty compounds build up in the liver

       The higher the risk of developing fatty liver,

       And the higher the risk of full-blown alcoholic liver disease. 

In contrast, drinks like Sweet Dreams Vineyard’s Cannabernet actually bypass both the liver and digestive system. It still ends up in your small intestine like traditional alcohol – of course; weed wine took a much less-damaging route.

Cannabis vs Weed Wine

Negatives of Traditional Cannabis vs Weed Wine

Weed wine also looks to curtail some of the negative aspects of traditional cannabis usage. Perhaps the most unfortunately-common problem with that traditional usage is the accidental overconsumption of, you guessed it, edibles.

 With their naturally long activation period, many first time users of edibles over-take because they wait a bit and think the high won’t come. And when that powerful high does inevitably come, it can have devastating real-world effects. Research shows that edibles are the form of marijuna consumption that most often leads to hospitalization. 

 With products like weed wine, that overconsumption fear is greatly relegated.

 Plus, perhaps an underrated negative to ingesting cannabis traditionally is the smoke inhalation factor. While smoking cannabis is unequivocally safer than traditional nicotine, users will still be inhaling chemicals like ammonia and formaldehyde. Unfortunately, that can have long-standing negative effects for both recreational and medical users.

 Suffice to say, without the smoke inhalation, users of weed wine can quite literally breathe easier.

Where Can I Get Weed Wine?


Where Can I Get Weed Wine?

By now, the virtues of weed wine are pretty clear. But, you may be asking, “How can I get my hands on it?”

 Look no further than buying yourself a bottle of Cannabernet—the newest (and sweetest!) edible product from Sweet Dreams Vineyards.

 The Phoenix, Arizona-based vineyard has turned up the heat on their wine with cutting-edge nanoemulsion technology. In layman’s terms, the cannabis-infused wine they’ve engineered makes for a fast-acting, predictable, and consistent experience. That’s right, your average edible that takes forever to take effect is a thing of the past!

 Why wait for happiness, anyway?

 So, if nanoemulsion makes for a better way to enjoy edibles, why is it not more common? Well, as Sweet Dreams Vineyard puts it, “technology makes the difference.”

 Indeed, nano-emulsification is rare in the industry because of its highly scientific nature. Not to mention, it can be quite an expensive process. But at Sweet Dreams Vineyard, their obsession to deliver a higher-quality ingestible experience that won’t leave customers with an ‘edible horror story’ caused them to put all their resources in the science behind edibles.

 The Cannabernet Conclusion:

It was only a matter of time before the market brought us alternatives to alcohol and cannabis. But who would’ve thought we’d get so much bang for our buck?

 Sweet Dreams Vineyard has done it with Cannabernet!




There’s something to love for everyone.

Sweet Dreams continually asks one question:
“How can we create the most satisfying edible on the market?” 
The answer: Cannabernet.


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